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For you, the animals & the planet

In everything we do, we believe in contributing to a better world. We believe in a green world full of love, where all people and all earthlings are treated with respect, and where our environment is nurtured and protected.

We create change by wearing our beliefs. With eco-friendly material and minimalistic & classy designs we voice our opinion.

By donating a part of our profits to organizations that share our purpose we aspire to create a world where you must give to have - loving every moment of doing so. Join the movement and become a part of the TFC Fashion Family today.


Certified under the Fair Wear Foundation. All colors we use are completely free from lead, formaldehyde, phthalate, and heavy metals. All cleansing is done with water, which is fully recycled.


Our Tees are made from 100% cotton.
Made by nature, crafted by hand.


We have confidence in our textiles - tested for harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

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Love the message!

I absolutely love the tees and the beautiful message they are trying to spread with their company. Happy to be part of the movement! -Emma O. | 28/03/2018

Premium Quality!

I was positively surprised over the quality of the shirts even after many washes. Premium quality eco-friendly tees made of 100% cotton makes these a must buy! I bought the No More Cow and #Vegan tshirts and I could not be happier with my purchase! Many more to come! - Sofia P. 07/07/17

Lets go vegan!

Love my tees! I absolutely love the idea of owning a tee that is not only environmental friendly and a perfect fit, but also carries one of the most important messages of our generation... Let's all help spread the message, influence and inspire others! Go vegan baby! -Richard M. 04/02/2018.

Pure love

Feeling immensely proud to be wearing a shirt like these. Big thank you to Tees For Change customer service when I had questions :) -Mona H. 14/03/2018

My Very Favorite Tees!!

I have been looking for new and cool t-shirts to wear to promote veganism for quite some time now. It’s so funny; I was just talking about it the other day when I found TFC Fashion. Now they're totally my favorite tees to wear whenever I cook or just takea stroll out in society - Alexandra B. 22/03/2018

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@TFC.Fashion #wearyourbeliefs #voiceyouropinion