TFC Fashion Crew at Vegovision Gothenburg

Hey guys!

How are you? Hope all is well!

We wanted to write a short update from last friday where we visited Vegovision, an event in Gothenburg promoting all kinds of different brands. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to make our own booth, but count on us next year! It was great to see so many brands fighting for the greater good, and as you know, we’re all for positive impact.

Here's a pic from up top, showing a part of the area with all the awesome brands.

It was super fun to see our friends @earth.bite have their booth flooded with people. Safe to say it was one of the most visited booths, which isn't too weird, since their bars are somewhat spectacular. Click on the image to read more!

It made us proud to see Sofia Kamlund on stage rocking her Eat Sleep Save Animals Repeat shirt, talking about vegan strength training and how to gain muscle on a plant based diet. Inspiring stuff, Sofia! 

At last, me and Chris couldn't resist ourselves snapping a photo in front of the backdrop with some cool gadgets. I think we qualified as some of the best dressed people at the event... Or whatcha think?! Hah!

Guys, let's keep this movement going and keep sharing your images and stories with us. We are humbled everyday seeing our shirts pop up on different places around the world. 

We are so grateful for your love and compassion you give us, we do our best to repay you.

It's monday, we're smiling and so should you,

Warm hugs,