In everything we do, we believe in creating a better world.

We believe in a green world full of love, where all people and all creatures are treated with respect, and where our environment is nurtured and protected.

We create change by wearing our beliefs.

Our purpose will be achieved through positive job opportunities in countries that are less fortuned, spreading positive messages, and donating to organizations working as non-profit. We don’t believe you can have without giving. And there is no greater pleasure than doing so.

For every piece of clothing sold, we donate to OneTreePlanted and they will plant a tree for us. One small purchase for you, many positive changes to the world.

We sell eco-friendly fashion with minimalistic & classy designs.

Let's spread a message together that has the power to change the world, small scale and large scale, and voice your opinion. Remember, if you can inspire only one person, consider yourself a hero. 

We are proud that our shirts are fair trade certified with Fair Wear Foundation, meaning that neither animals, humans or environment are taking any harm in the process!

Want to join us in changing the world? 
Join the movement today!

We love you.
TFC Fashion Family